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Fairfax Training Academy - 11/21/2019 6:00 PM (Fairfax Training Academy)
Northern Virginia EMS Council

Site Coordinator:   Michelle Ludeman
Available Space  
Practicals:   9
Written:   14
Additional Details:
**Please park around the back of the building. This is where you must enter and exit the building. The address to the Fairfax Training Academy is 4600 West Ox Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. YOU MUST LEAVE ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES (CELL PHONES, BLACKBERRIES, PDA’s, PAGERS, and WATCHES etc.) IN YOUR CAR, THEY MAY NOT BE BROUGHT IN THE BUILDING, EVEN IF THEY ARE TURNED OFF. ANYONE SEEN WITH AN ELECTRONIC DEVICE OF ANY KIND WITH THEIR PERSONAL BELONGINGS IN A BOOK BAG, BACKPACK OR PURSE WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE SITE AND NOT ALLOWED TO TEST. **Please bring at least TWO sharpen #2 pencils to the test site with you. WATCHES are allowed during testing. **The dress code is a uniform or casual attire. Please, no hats, shorts, flip flops, tank tops, obscene or offensive T-shirts at the Training Academy.

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   Fairfax Training Academy  - 4600 West Ox Road Fairfax VA 22030    

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